The Saw Experience Room Escape [Preview]

The Saw Experience Room Escape

Las Vegas is home to casinos, Penn & Teller (two of my biggest inspirations), desert, and a Saw themed room escape game that looks seriously messed up.

Have you ever contemplated how you would react or would do if you were the test subject of one of Jigsaw`s death traps from the Saw movies? What would it be like to bring a Saw movie to real life? Here is your chance to try it, Live Room Escape Experience Las Vegas introducing The Saw Experience Special Edition inspired by the movie Saw! This Special Edition Room is age restricted! 18 and over! Β The day transformed into a chain of dark and sinister events that would scare them forever.

I haven’t done this one, but it looks pretty damn intense.

I have a feeling that we will see many more room escapes tied to major motion pictures as well as television shows, and video games in the future.

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