Late Game Cabinet Trap [Escape Tip]

Time’s winding down. You’re almost finished with the room. You’ve got two locks left, and you just cracked one. Half your team is crowded around you because there aren’t many unsolved puzzles left. You open the cabinet and find the clue you’ve been looking for, and you’re off to put it to good use.

Master Lock - Open

You don’t realize it yet, but you’ve just made a basic error that’s going to cost you lots of time, and possibly the win.

You press a little farther. Maybe that clue you found pays off, but eventually you get stuck. You can’t solve anything else.

Maybe you need a clue to press forward, or perhaps you wise up and recheck the cabinet.

Why does this happen?

The game designer preys upon your expectations. You easily find what you know you need, and assume that if there’s something else to find, one of your capable teammates will uncover it.

This problem is compounded by the presence of so many other people. Everyone in that crowd will have assumed that someone else searched the cabinet.

Always check everything. Never assume that someone else searched something.

The late game cabinet trap is one specific trap to avoid. For more tips, checkout our Player Tips section.

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