The Room Two [Review]

Update 3/30/21: If you enjoy The Room Two, we hope you’ll check out our interview with co-creator Barry Meade of Fireproof Studios on The Reality Escape Pod.

The Room Two… It should probably be called “Many Rooms.”

Platforms: iOS & Android

Release date: December 2013

Price: $2 to $3 depending upon the platform (as of February 2016)

The Room Two logo depicting an old pocket watch.

Story & setup

Picking up exactly where The Room left off, The Room Two brings more.

Each stage is now a standalone room. Each room has multiple puzzle boxes that interplay with one another.

Just as the puzzles are bumped up in volume, so is the story. While The Room had a very limited story, The Room Two reveals a more complex, but still fuzzy plot.

Screenshot from The Room Two depicting a pedestal with a metal compass puzzle box, a letter rests beside the puzzle. In the background is another pedistal with a puzzle box.
Two pedestals, two different puzzle contraptions.

Increased scale, reduced intimacy

The Room Two brings more of absolutely everything: More puzzles. More puzzle boxes. More settings. More story.

More is great.

However, this comes at the cost of reduced intimacy.

The Room derives much of its exceptionality from its small size. Because you only had one puzzle box, everything was always right in front of you. The game had a plot that was so limited that it didn’t feel like the stakes were any higher than satisfying your own curiosity. The Room was refreshing because there was so little on the line.

An image of a room in an old ship. There is a lantern, a cannon, and a model of a tall ship that is a puzzle box.
That model ship is one of the early puzzle boxes.

The expansion of scope and scale in The Room Two is generally positive, but it comes at a price.

Should I play The Room Two?

If you enjoyed The Room, then playing The Room Two is an easy decision. It’s everything you enjoyed about the first one, with a lot more going on.

An open puzzle box depicting a complex metal geared contraption.
At their core, the puzzles still largely feel like the original The Room.

The larger game takes away some of what made The Room a special experience, while also adding new aspects to it.

It’s a grand puzzling adventure.

Download it on iOS, Android, & Amazon.

(Images via Fireproof Games)

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