Room Escape Artist on REDivas Podcast!

REDivas (Room Escape Divas), a podcast hosted by Torontonian enthusiasts Mike, Ruby, Manda, and Errol, is an hour long weekly podcast that is truly for the most diehard escape room fans.

Room Escape Divas Logo, a cartoon representation of the four hosts.

This week they were kind enough to have us join them.

Hamilton Parody

Errol, a former touring musician of the nerd music genre, opens up every episode with a parody song mocking some escape room cliche.

This week, at our request, he reworked the King George III song, You’ll Be Back, from Hamilton, and did his very best Jonathan Groff impersonation (which was pretty damn amazing).

Photo of actor Jonathan Groff as King George, III in Hamilton.

If nothing else, listen to the song. After that you’ll just hear us geek out about escape rooms.

Rambling on escape rooms

The Divas prompted us to speak about our experiences blogging. We talk about:

  • our origin story with escape rooms (which overlaps with how we met, and how I proposed to Lisa)
  • our complex review-writing process
  • some profound moments we’ve had writing about room escapes
  • our upcoming speaking engagement at the Chicago Room Escape Conference
  • ideas around how escape rooms could better incorporate local history
  • previously unrevealed reason why we are so opposed to number rating systems in reviews

If you stick around for (or skip to) the end, you can hear the absolutely batshit insane idea for a room that Lisa and I would love to see built.

If any of that interests you, then you’re in for a treat. (I will not hold it against you if this doesn’t sound like your version of a good time!)

Or, if you want to hear a couple who couldn’t possibly have more different speaking voices, then you should absolutely give it a listen!

Mostly… I talk too much. Lisa is a lot more succinct.

Enjoy! REDivas 09 – Interview with Room Escape Artist

And thank you to the Divas. We love you guys.

[Image via Billboard]

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