60 Out – Wizard’s Workshop [Review]

Bending the elements of gameplay.

Location: Marina Del Rey, California

Date played: June 2, 2017

Team size: 2-6; we recommend 2-3

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $26-40 per ticket depending upon team size

Story & setting

During our time as wizard’s apprentices, our teacher had made a grave mistake and became lost in time and space. It was our job to recover his body and soul.

Wizard’s Workshop was staged within a wizard’s study with a medieval-magic-meets-steampunk feel.

In-game: A wizard's study with strange books,a wooden desk, stone walls, and a strange telescope.


Wizard’s Workshop was a challenging game. Of the 8 games that I’ve played with 60Out, this was the first one where the connections didn’t come quickly and easily for me. It was all solvable, but a step up in difficulty from 60Out’s usual “experience > difficulty” approach to room escape design.


There were a few puzzles that were both challenging and especially satisfying to solve.

The escape room felt large, which added to the sense of adventure.

There were a number of great interactions.

Parts of the set looked stellar.


The set was a little uneven. Parts of it looked exceptionally compelling, while other bits looked like they didn’t receive quite the same level of attention or budget.

A late-game set piece should have offered better feedback. We burned a lot of time when a correct action failed to register properly. This became frustrating.

We left with a few cuts and splinters. A number of props needed some sandpapering and finishing.

Should I play 60Out’s Wizard’s Workshop?

If you’ve played a bunch of escape rooms with 60Out and you’re looking for their take on a more challenging one, then Wizard’s Workshop is your boss battle. It’s not brutal, but it’s more challenging than their norm.

Wizard’s Workshop will be most enjoyable for players who are at least fairly mobile, as mobility plays a heavy part of one of the more memorable interactions. That said, you only need one smart and mobile person to make things work.

Wizard’s Workshop was a solid escape room made by a reliable company. While I think that 60Out offers other more interesting and innovative experiences, this one was still fun. Play this one for the puzzles; play it because you want to take on the challenge.

Book your hour with 60Out’s Wizard’s Workshop, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: 60Out provided media discounted tickets for this game.

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