How to start an escape room business – Video by Cross Roads Escape Games

This video is a must-watch for anyone who is considering opening an escape room. 


A few weeks ago the founders of 2016 Golden Lock-In Award-winning Cross Roads Escape Games in Anaheim, California gave a presentation at the Halloween show Midsummer Scream.

Cross Roads Escape Games' padlock & key logo

The video itself was originally recorded and posted by escape room & haunt reviewer Christine Barger. Fun fact: Christine is also a professional ventriloquist who once used Lisa and me as her dummies in an impromptu performance.

A lot of folks sent this video to us both because of the kind shout out we received from the presenters and because of its fantastic content.


The Cross Roads duo delve into the nuance of escape room real estate as well as the hideous world of local government and bureaucracy.

I fully endorse both the content and message of their talk. They nailed this stuff.

The video plays well at 1.25 speed if you want to knock 15 minutes off of the runtime.

Also, the video states this, but it bears repeating: DO NOT CONTACT the presenters. This was a one-off thing.

I’m truly looking forward to the next game from Cross Roads.

Who knew that the most gruesome thing at a Halloween show would be a discussion about dealing with local bureaucrats?


  1. What a great video. Thanks to Christine Barger, The Queen of Escape Rooms! I wish I could see the Part II they refer to in this video. Let us know if you get access to that one, too. I am so thrilled to be able to keep my fingers on the pulse of the industry through this blog. I am chained my my escape room at this time, and this blog keeps me up to date on great videos like this.

    1. Happy to help.

      And yes, Christine is pretty great. We still haven’t had a chance to play a room with her.

      1. We are expanding to 6000 square feet at the end of this month. When you can,.why not plan a side trip to Palm Springs on your next trip to L.A. and meet up with Christine? She’s a friend of ours, and that would give you a chance to play with her at one of our six new rooms? It’d be an honor to host you as our guests.

  2. We’ve met Christine a bunch of times, we just haven’t played with her because she’s always played everything we want to visit in Cali.

    A visit to Palm Springs sounds lovely. I’d like to try and make that work.

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