TOMB RAIDER (2018) – The Movie That Escape Rooms Will Loot

The trailer for the new TOMB RAIDER adaptation hit YouTube a few weeks back. It certainly looks a lot more interesting than Angelina Jolie’s turn in Lara Croft’s boots.

I’m calling it now: this movie is going to have an impact on escape room design. I’m not talking about the IP plundering of the inevitable knockoff rooms where players are searching an ancient tomb for missing adventurer Cara Loft. I’m referring to the endless remixing that goes on in culture.

After giving the 2-minute trailer a gander, I was struck by the number of featured interactions that looked like existing escape room puzzles… or things that could certainly become escape room puzzles. Here are the highlights:

Steampunk cryptex

A wood and stone locking mechanism with symboled cylinders that twist to adjust metal gears.

I don’t know exactly what this thing does, but it sure does look cool. It bears a striking resemblance to the high-end cryptex of Justin Nevins.

Rotating pillar

Lara Croft twisting a large stone pillar into place.
Remember Lara, “finger strength only.”

This is already a mainstay in ancient tomb and mystical alchemy escape rooms. This is simply an adjusted take on the concept.

Puzzle box

Hands manipulating a strange wooden puzzle box.

That’s a nifty looking puzzle box.

Mausoleum trap door

A key unlocking a hidden lock in a mausoleum, and releasing a trap door.

The mausoleum trap door is going to become a thing… and I’m going to be ok with it because it isn’t a bookcase.

Menacing bar of spikes

Lara Croft leaping over a fast moving bar of spikes then sliding under another as it grazes her cheek.

Ok… we won’t see this thing in the United States, but I wouldn’t be shocked if someone created some interaction inspired by it.

You never know what some of the extreme rooms in Russia may do.

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