San Diego, CA: Room Escape Recommendations

Latest Update: February 23, 2018

We spent almost all of our 24 hours in beautiful San Diego locked in giant puzzles. Regrets? None.

It’s a fun, puzzley escape room market. It has a surprisingly different feel from Los Angeles, considering how geographically close they are.

Here are a few of our favorites broken out by category.

4 tall palm trees along the beach, the horizon in the background.

Market standouts

  1. The Parlour, Puzzalarium
  2. Mysterious Stranger, Steal and Escape 
  3. The Escape, The Unlockables 

The puzzle-centric

The newbie-friendly

The spooky & scary

Not an Escape Room but recommended

You are always welcome to contact us if this recommendation list doesn’t answer your specific questions.

4 thoughts on “San Diego, CA: Room Escape Recommendations

  1. Awesome recommendations! Did you guys get a chance to try out “The Lazarus Crystal” at Enigma HQ or “The Mystery at Fogmore Manor” at The Entrapment? We played that sometime last year based on a recommendation, and they were both really good and both somewhat different from the typical escape experience.

    1. No, we had a brief span of time in San Diego and played as much as we could, but I’d love to get back and see more. I also suspect that a lot of these companies will be opening plenty of fantastic new games in the near future (we may have received some sneak peaks).

  2. Oh this is a great find. I’m going to be traveling to SD tomorrow and have been wanting to try out an escape room. Though I don’t think I’m going to spend 24 hours if I can help it LOL.

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