Errol Elumir’s 13 Rules of Escape Room Puzzle Design

Earlier this week, our dear friend and infamous Room Escape Diva, Errol Elumir, published a manifesto on escape room puzzle design. I’m so glad that he did.

Errol’s post is a must-read for escape room creators (or hopeful escape room creators). He covered a wide variety of subjects that everyone in the industry should grasp.

Cartoon of Errol saying, "Sometimes things are clear to a designer, but not to the rest of the world because we don’t read minds."Are there rare instances where a game should deviate from some of these rules? Sure. 

Would most escape rooms be better if they followed Errol’s puzzle design rules? Absolutely.

Give Errol’s 13 Rules of Escape Room Puzzle Design a read. It’s good stuff.

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