Live TV & Radio Appearances About Poland

Yesterday was a whirlwind… and this is an unusual and personal post.

I appeared on a live broadcast of EURONEWS NOW… my first foray into live television.

Thank you Patrik Patyo Strausz for recording the appearance. (My parents really appreciate it.)

A few hours later, Lisa appeared on a live BBC 5 radio interview. (We’ll post this if we can get a link at some point.)

Sadly both segments were about the tragedy in Poland. We did our best to represent the community and underscore that most escape rooms are operating safely.

Live TV

That was one of the most intense experiences that I can recall. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug.

We woke up to an email from a producer in Europe. Within a couple hours of responding, I was doing a sound and video check. An hour later I was on TV.

I hadn’t been pre-interviewed or prepared in any way. I knew that we were going to be discussing the tragedy in Poland, but I didn’t know anything beyond that. I prepared for every possible question or angle that I could think of.

I sat there on Skype watching the first half of the broadcast: segments on the Brexit deal struggles and the hacking of top German officials. Then after a commercial break, a producer that I never saw told me that I’d be on next.

It all started and ended in a blur. There was so much to keep in mind. My voice. My posture. My eyes. The questions. The facts.

I’m honored that I was asked to appear, but I hope that there’s never another crisis like this. I’d do it again, but this isn’t what escape rooms are about. I’m much happier telling people about amazing games.

Terrible Search Puzzle: Finding a screen shot of yourself speaking on TV where you don’t look completely silly.


  1. Very well done Sir. Factual and thoughtful without histrionics. A constructive perspective unclouded with yata,yata.

    We need to see more of you as stories (good and bad) are broadcast to the masses. I hope the media will put you in their file for “Expert on Escape Game Industry”.

    The issue of safety in Escape Rooms is not going to fade soon. Think of how many city and county staff (plan review, new construction building inspectors, fire inspections, etc) as well as, insurers who have this issue at the top of their lists for focus for the next many years.

    Wouldn’t hurt to be the author of a book titled in some way about the design and operation of an escape game/room with safety in mind (not a code compliance manual). That would give you a little more “Cred” in the producer’s eyes when looking to promote/justify you as their expert.

    1. Thank you David. We’ve been beating the drum on safety for a long time, and we’re going to be louder moving forward. I can’t say that it’s a fun topic, but it’s necessary.

      I have a whole bunch of book ideas… I just need to dig around and find some more time to will it into existence.

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