Lockout Safes Escape Room Meme

Comic of an injured man being helped by a friend. The injured man admits he loves designing lockout safes into escape rooms. His friend pushes him off a cliff.

Can I get an amen?


  1. Amen! Our lockout safe is the most likely endgame “win open” in our Mad Scientist Adventure. It needs the standard four digit code + “A” or “B”. The original associated puzzle yields only the four digits, with four possible combinations. The lack of the needed “A” or “B” coupled with the “three strikes and you’re locked out” was a wet blanket on a grand finale, so we placed the safe key in a four digit lockbox. One player found that a different combination of the four digits still opens the safe!

  2. Amen. The cartoon is perfect. Lockout safes need to be on “The List” of items never (99%+) to be found in escape rooms.

    1. 99% is right. There are times where it might truly be the right prop.

      Under those circumstances, it comes down to execution.

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