Strange Bird Immersive Returns

Strange Bird Immersive is back!

Meme of Noah angry on the ark looking at an elephant labeled "immersive theater" and a penguin labeled "escape room. He's asking, "What the hell is this?" gesturing at a creature with a penguin body and elephant head labeled, "Strange Bird Immersive."

If you’re unfamiliar, here’s our review of their first game, The Man From Beyond.

They’ve been off on a journey moving venues and the maneuvering through the machinery of city bureaucracy. We’re glad that they’ve returned in time for some of our New Orleans tour attendees to add onto their experience.


Speaking of which… we’ve gone from sold out to having to help some ticket holders pass their tickets onto someone else due to family crises. If you’re interested in attending our tour, shoot us a message. There are two tickets available!

We’d love to play some amazing games with you.

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