Next on the RECON Stage: Manda Whitney

This week, The Reality Escape Convention (RECON) announced Manda Whitney from the Room Escape Divas Podcast as a speaker at this year’s digital global Reality Escape Convention.

Manda will be speaking about how to craft compelling characters in an escape room setting.

Compelling Characters

Strong characters are one of the traits that set top escape rooms apart. In an escape room, the players are characters, the hint giver is a character, and the people you meet or find traces of are characters. Manda is going to provide you with the knowledge to turn all of your characters into a compelling part of your game world.

Manda knows characters in a way that few people do. As one of the hosts of the Room Escape Divas, she’s no stranger to umm… energetic and unusual characters. Since we first met Manda and the crew back in 2016, we’ve recorded seven episodes with them… and loved every minute of conversation, from serious musings on escape room design to when we all torment Manda while she tries to deliver the conclusion of the podcast (01:36:20).

Manda Whitney's headshot.

About Manda

Manda Whitney is a Toronto-based writer and narrative designer. She is a co-host of the podcast Room Escape Divas and has helped design three large-scale theatrical escape events as well as consulted on various other escape room projects around the world. She also writes and produces comedic scripts for theatre, podcasts, and web-series. When she is not writing, she is playing far more video and escape games than she would care to admit. You can find more info at her sporadically updated blog

Join us at RECON

RECON ’20 is a free digital event with curated talks covering aspects of experience design in physical and digital media. The RECON team is excited to welcome Manda to the RECON stage.

RECON is about sharing knowledge and building community. You’re invited to join in strengthening a sustainable escape room industry that recognizes creators, players, and the challenges of 2020.

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