You’re invited to the RECON Virtual Escape Jam

RECON has many secret plans. The Virtual Escape Jam is the latest one that we’re declassifying.

This is the only paid, ticketed RECON event ($35 early bird). It offers players, creators, owners – anyone – to virtually spend a day with a small group of folks designing a digital escape game.

We’ve teamed up with Jeb Havens, who has been running real life escape game jams for years, to produce this event.

RECON Virtual Escape Jam ad

The Virtual Escape Jam is happening on Tuesday, August 25th, the day after RECON.

This is a chance to collaborate with interesting and passionate people and apply your knowledge – both what you had going into RECON, and what you learned at the event.

Tickets are limited and selling fast. We hope that you can join us. What else is there to spend your vacation days on in 2020 anyway?

Join us at RECON

RECON ’20 is a free digital event with curated talks covering aspects of experience design in physical and digital media. RECON is about sharing knowledge and building community. We hope you’ll join in strengthening a sustainable escape room industry that recognizes creators, players, and the challenges of 2020.

Even if you don’t attend the Virtual Game Jam, we hope you’ll still join us at RECON this August 23-24. You can pre-register today.


  1. Sounds like so much fun! Is there a way to buy a ticket and peek into the session but not participate? We’re in Hawaii and it’s a little too early for us – but we’d love to support it! 🙂

    1. This is a great question. We aren’t able to offer that kind of ticket, however we will record the games that the teams produce and make video of them available on our YouTube channel.

      I’ll also likely do a commentary video that explores some of the interesting things that people cook up.

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