Alanis Morissette & Mission Escape Games – Such Pretty Forks in the Room [Reaction]

Such Pretty Forks in the Room is an online escape game created by Alanis Morissette & Mission Escape Games.


Style of Play: online escape game livestreamed and played through an avatar

Required Equipment: computer with an internet connection

Team Size: 1-5

Play Time: 15 minutes

Price: free/ limited run

Booking: this was a limited run that is no longer available for booking


Alanis Morissette is an escape room fan – and to promote her latest album, she and her team approached Mission Escape Games to produce a free, limited run game. It sold out in minutes and we were fortunate enough to score a booking.

Such pretty Forks in the Road album cover, Alanis Morissette's face covered in silver glitter.

REA Reaction

“I…. want… you… to know…” that I enjoyed this promotional escape room very much. “Thank you… THANK YOU” Alanis Morissette for giving us fans with a Venn diagram that overlaps all of your music, along with an unhealthy escape room addiction, the perfect mixture of those two things! Though IRONICally, the room was very short (this is the joke, people. It isn’t actually an example of irony. REAL FANS DON’T CARE), it was a satisfying little romp through Alanis’ musical career, nonetheless. I was HEAD OVER FEET for this mini escape room experience. I maaaay have spent the entire time singing my responses as quotes from her repertoire. “WOULD YOU FORGIVE ME, LOVE?”  Though not the most challenging of rooms, it was very enjoyable regardless! Be sure to check out Alanis Morissette’s new album, SUCH PRETTY FORKS IN THE ROAD. It will surely provide a great, *escape*… see what I did there?

This game is no longer available for booking, but you can buy Alanis Morisette’s new album and tell her that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Listen to Such Pretty Forks in the Road



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