The Best Online Escape Games for Large Groups

Last Updated: December 26, 2021


If you’re looking for an escape game that will accommodate a large group of players, they are few and far between.

Most escape games – in person and online – can’t support teams of more than 6 players and keep everyone actively engaged. If you’re looking for an escape game, we usually recommend dividing a large group into multiple smaller groups so that everyone gets to participate in the experience.

Each experience below takes elements from escape games and incorporates these into something a bit different. They support larger groups in different ways. Some will be better suited for your event (birthday party, team building, etc) than others.

Here are our recommendations for your group of 8+ people.

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Listed in alphabetical order:

πŸ”’ Avatar Stalker, Project Avatar – This is an avatar-led livestream in a live action videogame style. In battle mode, players compete on opposing teams, starting in different areas, and meet in the final room where they try to score the most points. Battle mode supports groups as large as 20, but we recommend 10-12.

Boobano Farm, Mad Genius Escape Co. – This is a multiplayer online puzzle game – somewhere between a digital escape game and a point-and-click adventure. It’s available for 8-16 people; we think 10 is perfect.

πŸ”’ Club Drosselmeyer 1943 – In the digital adaptation of Club Drosselmeyer (an annual holiday spectacular in Boston, MA), the story and gameplay are delivered through printable (or mailed) puzzles, a web-based radio show, and phone-based interactions. We recommend splitting a larger group into smaller β€œCivilian Defense Units” of 4-5 players. You can also contact the creators for additional options that support large corporate groups.

Global Dominance, Claustrophobia – This is an online, competitive, social deduction game, not an escape or even a puzzle game. We recommend 30 players (6 teams of 5 players each).

Jury Duty, Exit Productions – This is a cooperative online immersive game featuring investigation, interrogation, and a little bit of puzzling. The players function as an actual jury, so 12 people is ideal.

Secret Library – This is a digital immersive mystery. Given the size of the digital environment and the number of characters, Secret Library is legitimately designed to work properly with groups ranging from about 20-60 people.

Space Defenders, Fantasy Escape Games (other reviews of this company) – This rapid-paced puzzle fest is well suited for teams of any size (from 4 to 50+) and experience level. Sub-teams work together to complete specific missions, and collaboration is encouraged for your overall team to succeed.

The Ruby Palace & The Sapphire Palace & The Emerald Palace, Palace Games – These are point-and-click adventure games with elements of a light puzzle hunt. Each game supports hundreds of players, but they’d need to be broken into team of 4. The teams can compare scores across a full group leaderboard. These could work well for a corporate event.

The Verdict, Logic Locks – This is an immersive experience akin to a larp where participants essentially serve digital jury duty. Rather than “play” or “solve,” you discuss and debate ethnics and justice. This complex and intense experience deals realistically with emotionally heavy themes. It is best as a group of 12. You can book a single ticket into a public-ticketed event or you can book for a larger group all together.

Wreck Havoc: Global Catastrophe, Escape New Haven – This is a digital megagame with mechanics including resource management, social alliances and manipulation, and puzzles. It takes place in a digital event space that gives it a real-life megagame vibe. It supports team sizes from 24 to 240.

πŸ”’ Golden Lock award winning experience


  1. Thank you for a very useful article.We’ve played the B.R.U.C.E project, which was okay (but best for 2-4 people not 8), but the best one we’ve played so far is Unboxing the mind of a Cryptic Killer by Eleven Puzzles! The riddles are great!!! The graphics are amazing!!!! We had so much fun! We’ve played this game with 8 people in total (recommended is up to 6) and it was fine.

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