The Best Online Escape Games for Large Groups


If you’re looking for an escape game that will accommodate a large group of players, they are few and far between.

Most escape games – in person and online – can’t support teams of more than 6 players and keep everyone actively engaged. If you’re looking for an escape game, we usually recommend dividing a large group into multiple smaller groups so that everyone gets to participate in the experience.

Each experience below takes elements from escape games and incorporates these into something a bit different. They support larger groups in different ways. Some will be better suited for your event (birthday party, team building, etc) than others.

Here are our recommendations for your group of 8+ people.

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Boonabo Farm, Mad Genius Escape Co. – This is a multiplayer online puzzle game – somewhere between a digital escape game and a point-and-click adventure. It’s available for 8-16 people; we think 10 is perfect.

Global Dominance, Claustrophobia – This is an online, competitive, social deduction game, not an escape or even a puzzle game. We recommend 30 players (6 teams of 5 players each).

Jury Duty, Exit Productions – This is a cooperative online immersive game featuring investigation, interrogation, and a little bit of puzzling. The players function as an actual jury, so 12 people is ideal.

The Ruby Palace, Palace Games – This is a point-and-click adventure game with elements of a light puzzle hunt. It supports hundreds of players, but they’ll need to be broken into groups of 4 or so. It would work well for a corporate event.

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