New Video: Manda’s Brilliant & Bonkers Character Talk + Guest Star Errol

I love this talk so much. It was as hilarious as it was informative! And I can tell you with confidence, no one worked as hard on crafting their talk at RECON as Manda did. She put her heart, soul, and knowledge into this thing, and I am so thankful to her (and Errol).

Most escape room creators could learn a lot from this session.

Featured Talk Information

Characters in Escape Rooms

Details: Originally presented on Monday, August 24 at 14:15 (New York)

Speakers: Manda Whitney

Company: Room Escape Divas

Abstract: Manda always puts character at the center of her creations – in escape rooms, large-scale narrative-driven puzzle productions, and her own writing. In this talk, Manda provides you with key components of creating and representing a compelling character. Whether you’re starting from scratch or seeking to retrofit characters into existing games, Manda’s tips provide an effective and inexpensive way to lift the quality of any immersive experience.

Manda Whitney's headshot.

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