REA’s Sarah Willson on Escape This Podcast

REA writer Sarah Willson is so good at writing in “REA voice” that most people don’t realize when a piece is authored by her. Sometimes I feel like she writes in our voice better than we do.

A few weeks back, Sarah pointed her writing talents in a completely different direction when she appeared on Escape This Podcast.

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This season Dani & Bill of Escape This Podcast have flipped the script: instead of Dani writing the episodes and the guests playing her games with Bill, the guests have written so that Dani and Bill can play together.

Sarah’s keen reviewer’s eye was on display Season 7 – Episode 9: This Escape Room Sucks! where she turned the idea of a dreadful vampire-themed escape room into a seriously clever game.

Update 6/6/23: If you enjoy Escape This Podcast, we hope you’ll check out our interview with creators Bill Sunderland and Dani Siller Driscoll on The Reality Escape Pod.

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