Eastern Pennsylvania (Outside of Philadelphia): Escape Room Recommendations

Latest update: January 1, 2022

Home to the likes of Crayola, Hershey, and Utz, the region of Eastern Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia — including the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton) and Reading — also has some stellar escape room companies.

The top experiences in this region balance quality puzzle design, modestly-sized immersive sets, and a rapidly rising level of tech.

This guide features our favorite rooms in the region, broken out by category.

If you’re in the area, also check out our guide to Philadelphia.

Image: A roadway with a welcome to Pennsylvania sign. Text: Eastern Pennsylvania Escape Room Guide

Market Standouts

  1. Galactic War – Encrypted Escape Room West Reading
  2. The Haunted Theater, Captured LV Bethlehem
  3. The Last Vampire – Encrypted Escape Room West Reading
  4. The Soul Collector – Captured LV Allentown
  5. Site 117 – escape.exe
  6. The Island – Captured LV Allentown

Set & Scenery Driven




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