Fun Dip Mystery Flavor [Review]

Fun Dip blue it.

Location:  at home

Date Played: Feb 7, 2022

Team size: 22 packets of Fun Dip is a lot of Fun Dip if you’re over the age of 12

REA Reaction

Come on a journey with me…

Last week, our Patreon community turned on the Mystery Flavor Signal… and within seconds I had a box on its way to my home. Amazon delivered that thing in less than 24 hours… and here I am unwrapping a box of 22 Mystery Flavor Fun Dip packets. I’d never handled a box of Fun Dip. It was just one of those candies that showed up in birthday party goodie bags as a kid. It was a product that I never engaged with past the age where commerce was relevant.

An assortment of Mystery Flavor Fun Dip packets in a pile.

So, I’m cutting open this packet with scissors (because I’m an adult), picking up the Fun Dip stick thing… and memories are flooding into my brain… the stupid summer camp that I went to as a kid. I silently hated that place and felt bad about it because I knew it wasn’t cheap. It was a rough place to spend your summer if you weren’t athletic.

I’m looking at that Fun Dip stick and remember, “oh yeah, you have to lick it first… you know… prime the pump…” So I lick it, and then I look at my Mystery Flavor sugar mixture and it’s electric blue, the kind of color that exists nowhere in nature. Cool. Dipping it in, I reflect on the kids at camp comparing Fun Dip and Pixie Sticks to drugs. I didn’t have any understanding of drugs then, neither did they… and I still don’t… funny… maybe the person you are at 10 is the person you grow up to be?

Gazing upon the wet stick covered in electric blue sugar I lift it to my lips and lick. “What could it taste like?” I wonder as it lands on my tongue. Red flavor. It tastes like Red… I had maybe three friends at camp (Hi Jason! He reads this site everyday. Thanks, buddy) and we played Magic the Gathering together. A lot. I had a Red deck… still have that deck… it’s worth over $2,000 today. I wonder if those kids at camp suck as much as adults as they did as kids?

I dip the stick another time and remember that I never really liked Fun Dip. I was more of a Nerds kid.

A lik-a-stix beside a pile of blue Fun Dip on a plate. In the distance is a pair of scissors and the cut top to a Fun Dip packet.

Who is this for?

  • Elementary schoolers
  • Anyone looking to spend $10 to recapture a glimmer of their youth

Why play?

  • Fun Dip is your jam
  • The packaging has cute to/ from lines to turn the packets into Valentine’s Day cards
  • You’re due for an existential crisis


Lick the stick to wet it, dip it in the sugar concoction, and lick. Repeat until either the package is complete, you realize that you don’t like Fun Dip, you enter diabetic shock, or you flash back to a traumatic childhood event and disassociate. I cannot prescribe your Fun Dip journey for you.

After completing your Fun Dip journey, there’s a form you can fill out to enter a prize drawing!

Box of Mystery Flavor Fun Dip, covered in purple and pink hearts.


Mystery Flavor or not, it’s Fun Dip. Its goodness is entirely dependent upon your feelings about Fun Dip.

➖ The flavor is virtually indistinguishable from any other Fun Dip. What do they expect me to guess in their contest? “Tastes like Fun Dip?”

Spoiler: What did it taste like?

It tasted like Red flavor to me. Lisa said it tasted like cough medicine… which is how you say, “it tastes like Red flavor” if you hate Red flavor.


➕ The Valentine’s Day card packaging was cute.

➕/➖ The contest terms and conditions were pretty good and only slightly clunky.

➖/❓ $%&* 22 packets of Fun Dip is a lot. I probably shouldn’t complain in this economy, but I cannot fathom what I’m going to do with the other 20 packets.

Tips For Playing

  • Mystery Flavor Fun Dip are available on Amazon
  • Do this with friends; 22 packets of Fun Dip is an inconceivable volume for an adult

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  1. I may be dating myself but the precursor to Fun Dip was Pixie Stix. Again, nothing more than flavored sugar but it came in the form of a straw tube that you opened on one end and tilted it into your mouth straight away. No messing around with licking a stick repeatedly and then accidentally dropping it on the ground before you finished the Fun Dip package. FD is a two handed operation whereas PS was one handed and the sugar could flow unabated into your mouth. What did all that sugar do to us? Who knows, but we washed down the Pixie dust with Kool-Aid and then went outside to burn off all that sugar.

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