David & Peih-Gee Get Stranger on The Infinite Escape Room Podcast

The Infinite Escape Room is a puzzling podcast where a group of pals sit down, have a drink, and work together to solve an audio escape room. The creators are brilliant and hilarious, and they were kind enough to welcome us on a recent episode. We had a blast puzzling our way through this Stranger Things-inspired episode, despite David constantly trying to off Peih-Gee in some nefarious way, and Peih-Gee trying to figure out what is “bed cheese.”

This is something a little different from our usual episodes, but we think you’ll really enjoy it. We like what they’re creating at The Infinite Escape Room podcast, and we hope you’ll give it a listen. Here is our episode, “Portal shenanigans and Hidden Bed Cheese.”

black and white images of 4 men's faces in a row, next to a logo for The Infinite Escape Room Podcast

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    1. Thank you Jamie. You just say the word, and we will happily return.

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