David & Peih-Gee talk pastries & puzzles on Podcast This Escape

Last week, David and Peih-Gee managed to solve the mystery of the Silver Screen room on Escape This Podcast, and this week, they’re recapping their adventures in the madcap chocolate factory. We recommend listening to that episode before you listen to this one.

After getting stuck on donuts and pies, it was a relief to know that Dani and Bill had graciously reserved one of their harder rooms for us. We dissect some of the puzzles in the game and debate the merits of various puzzle design etiquette, including common expectations like prop reuse and crossword puzzle rules.

If you enjoyed these episodes, we hope that you’ll check out Escape This Podcast and listen to more of their wonderful audio escape rooms.

Season 4 of the Reality Escape Pod is launching October 3, so stay tuned!

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Update 6/6/23: If you enjoy Escape This Podcast, we hope youโ€™ll check out our interview with creators Bill Sunderland and Dani Siller Driscoll on The Reality Escape Pod.

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