Patchwork Adventures – Order of the Golden Scribe [Review]

One vision, one story

Location:  New York, NY

Date Played: February 12, 2023

Team size: tables of 4 people and event of 24 people total; we recommend bringing your own group 4

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Price: $90 per player during the initial run, $125 per player for the upcoming run

Ticketing: Public

Accessibility Consideration:  All participants will have to climb at least two flights of stairs to access the space. Food is served; dietary restrictions are accommodated.

Emergency Exit Rating: [A+] No Lock

Physical Restraints: [A+] No Physical Restraints

REA Reaction

Order of the Golden Scribe blended escape game with immersive theater, set over tea time. With 6 tables (4 seats each), 4 performers, and 4 courses, this experience had a larger audience, but never felt overwhelming or impersonal.

Each course came with food, tea, and an approachable, engaging puzzle set. Solving these puzzles opened up opportunities to advance the plot and interact with the actors – who – like the puzzles, were friendly and approachable.

Lisa and Neil Patrick Harris solving a jigsaw puzzle during tea time.

The narrative structure worked well, with the courses breaking things up into appropriately sized chunks, ensuring that each player had an chance to take in the various engagement opportunities that existed in the world. It built up to an entertaining finale, where our particular audience took things in a direction that the producers didn’t quite expect, but the performers ran with as if it were always part of the plan.

During the more dramatic moments, we truly appreciated having some tea to sip on… although we really did want a bit more clarity out of the conclusion.

Kermit the Frog sipping a cup of tea.
Actual photo of David watching the finale play out.

We attended the opening show and it was incredibly polished, from the puzzles to the performance to the presentation. It was abundantly clear just how much craft, thought, and attention to detail went into Order of the Golden Scribe.

Patchwork Adventures completed a sold out 5-show run at the Cell Theatre in February of 2023… but they will remount Order of the Golden Scribe May19 – June 4, 2023. So there will be another opportunity to experience this one, and I recommend that you do so. Patchwork Adventures made something special.

Who is this for?

  • Story seekers
  • Puzzle lovers
  • Tea fans
  • Any experience level

Why play?

  • To join a secret society
  • Enjoyable puzzles
  • Entertaining characters


We were attending a high tea, which was also our initiation ceremony as new recruits joining The Order of the Golden Scribe.

An art deco poster with a fountain pen nib in the middle of an eye. Text reads, "From many pens, one vision, one story."


The Order of the Golden Scribe took place in the gallery space on the third floor of the cell theatre. We took our seats at tables of 4. The secret Order had decorated the gallery with their own art. It had minimalist, sleek white look. In the back corner we could view a historic artifact.

A tea time table beautifully set for 4 people.


Patchwork Adventures’ Order of the Golden Scribe combined afternoon tea, interactive theater, and escape room-style gameplay into a single experience.

We unlocked each course by solving a self-contained puzzle. Throughout the experience, we chatted with the actors, learning more about this secret organization and our place within it.

During each round of puzzle solving, a different teammate snuck away on a mission that was more character-centric than puzzle-centric and furthered the narrative arc.

It had a low level of difficulty.

Core gameplay revolved around sipping tea, solving puzzles, coaxing intel out of the actors, and a bit of sneaking about.

A beautiful wooden box with a padlock. Atop it is a letter wax sealed in gold. It is surrounded by tea settings.
Photo by Matthew Stein


➕ The secret society concept worked well. It took itself just seriously enough to draw us into the fiction, but it was playful.

➕ The tea was delicious, and we enjoyed its presentation as the reward for solving the first puzzle.

Closeup of an opened tea box with beautiful corked test tubes of looseleaf teas.

➕ The puzzles were perfect for the venue. They incorporated tangible props that were fun to manipulate. We could lay out the components on the table and it was easy for a small group to collaborate. Each puzzle was self-contained, so we didn’t need to keep track of lots of components that we’d use later. The actors could clear finished props away before each course, giving us room to eat.

➕ The event was structured evenly around teams of 4. There were 4 puzzles, 4 sneak-away missions, and 4 courses. Nobody felt left out of anything for too long. It was paced wonderfully. The actors kept all teams on track by providing gentle hints.

➕ The actions within the game ramped up nicely. The puzzles progressed in complexity, with the later puzzles incorporating the environment more. The interactions with the actors built up to higher stakes.

➖ The players in our session failed to notice one prop that was integral to the storyline. The actors integrated it into the script, but this happened too late. We wanted it to be a big deal from the opening moments of the experience. This would have enhanced later plot points.

➕ The actors drove the show forward. They played along with us. They changed their demeanors, tones, and body language to match as the mood of the tea changed. They gave players a lot of agency. In fact, our show deviated from the planned script, when we, the players, wanted to accomplish something in a way that the show hadn’t anticipated.

➖ The food was fine, but it wasn’t special. Tea sipping aside, the tastings weren’t memorable.

➕ The finale was interactive. Its center piece was hidden in plain sight.

➖ The finale didn’t pay off the events the had proceeded it. Plus, the audio was a bit hard to follow. In the end, we understood how the event wrapped up, but the scene didn’t really land.

➕ The Order of the Golden Scribe had a distinct aesthetic that gave it an air of mystery, but didn’t go overboard. It was a clean look – all presentation and no red herrings.

🫖 The attention to dietary restrictions was shockingly admirable. Patchwork Adventures was extremely accomodating.

Tips For Visiting

  • This is Manhattan. Parking is a challenge. However, the cell theatre is easily accessible by subway. Take the C or E to 23rd street.
  • The first run of this show was in February 2023. It will be remounted in May 19 – June 4, 2023 and tickets are on sale now.

Book your session at Order of the Golden Scribe, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Disclosure: Patchwork Adventures comped our tickets for this game.


  1. That is serious tea when you have two saucers. We have a few dinner theater facilities in town that might do well to incorporate elements of the escape room genre into their shows. I am going to share this review with them.

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