Launched on YouTube: Reality Escape Pod

You may have noticed a change with the Season 5 of Reality Escape Pod… we are now on YouTube.

REPOD Spaceship bursting out of the YouTube logo.

Season 5

The entirety of Season 5 will be on YouTube, and if you enjoy… please like and subscribe (oh no… I’m already that YouTube person 😱). We really would love to hit 1,000 subscribers on YouTube before the end of Season 5, and we are not especially far off.

If this builds some momentum, then we’ll keep doing it.

And if you haven’t listened yet, our first guest for Season 5 is also our first returning guest, Nick Moran. We have an in-depth conversation about his incredible new immersive gaming experience Phantom Peak. Everyone truly needs to know about his work.


This was no small feat. There are a lot of mediocre ways to push podcast content to YouTube with automated tools… but we wanted control over the output. Our approach isn’t complex. Our editor, Steve Ewing, created a visual presentation for this channel. We are thrilled with how it turned out!

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