Celebrating 25 Episodes of the Spoilers Club Podcast!

It’s a milestone week in the world of David Spira and Peih-Gee Law co-hosting podcasts. They released the 50th Episode of REPOD, their main podcast.

They also celebrated 25 Episodes of the Spoilers Club, a Patreon exclusive podcast, by creating a repository of all the episodes. In this show, the co-hosts talk about all the details of the games: sets, puzzles, reveals, story.. It’s all there in great detail, spoilers and all.

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Behind the Scenes

Peih-Gee conceived of the the Spoilers Club as a way to recreate the post-game conversation she loves so much. Part of the fun of playing these games is talking about them with friends afterwards!

The earliest Spoilers Club episodes discuss virtual games, which were abundant when these episodes were released in 2021. Peih-Gee and David would both play the games (sometimes together and sometimes apart) and then discuss their experiences. Anyone could easily book the game, from anywhere in the world, and play it before listening to the episode.

They tried a few formats, including inviting their teammates as guests on the show, but none of these stuck.

The breakthrough was inviting the game’s creator to join for the episode. Then the show became even more than the conversation at the bar. The creator often gives a deeper behind the scenes, digging into design decisions, changes, and learnings. Plus, the creator knows the gameflow more intimately than any players, and Peih-Gee and David no longer need to remember every little thing.

The Spoiled Games

With the shift to in-person games, it’s impossible to choose games that everyone will have played. However, we try to choose ones that engaged escape room players are more likely to have played, or at least heard of. We use the following criteria for selecting games:

  • Games in cities that have thriving escape room player communities
  • Iconic games that have made an impact on the industry
  • Games that have become destinations for escape room players
  • Impressive games from Escape Immerse Explore tours and RECON destinations
  • Unusual games that are no longer open and thus no longer playable
  • Games from creators who want to share openly

To suggest a game for a future episode, contact us.

Access the Episodes

In the repository you can find a link to each Spoilers Club episode, plus a description of the game.

The link takes you to the episode where its hosted on the Room Escape Artist Patreon page. To gain access, support us on Patreon at the โ€œSearch Win!โ€ level ($15 per month). From the moment you pledge your support, all 25 episodes are available to you!

We are actively working on more episodes. Expect a new one to drop about once a month.

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