RECON 23 Video Release – The Business of Fun: Operations & Financials

This talk first aired at RECON Remote 23 on Sunday, August 20, 2023.

Dino Paulo on Survivor South Africa holding his torch at Tribal Council. Text reads, "Trial by Financial Fire"

The Business of Fun: Operations & Financials

This video is now available on the Room Escape Artist YouTube channel!

Speakers: Dino Paulo & Gary Kelly
Company: HintHunt Africa

Join Dino and Gary as they share how they overcame financial malfeasance and pandemic-related challenges to save their escape room business. Learn about implementing financial checks and operational refinements to prevent mismanagement and thrive. Perfect for small businesses seeking practical knowledge from similar experiences to succeed.

Here is the Money Matters spreadsheet discussed in the talk.

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For more, you can listen to Dino on REPOD here:

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