Virtual Escape Jam

Total Escape of the Heart is Sold Out!

If you are interested in hearing out our next virtual escape jam when it is announced, please contact us.

Think You Could Design A Virtual Escape Room?

The Virtual Escape Jam is an event hosted via the internet for anyone who loves playing, designing, and learning about escape room-style challenges and puzzles, all while meeting new people and having a blast! 

Heart shaped lock on a wire. Image reads, "Total Escape of the Heart - a Virtual Escape Jam - February 21, 2021"
Jam packed with romance & bepuzzlement.
Total Escape of the Heart – adapted & performed by Hivemind reviewer Cara Mandel

How it Works

We’ll assign teams of 5-6, and together you’ll create and test your own 20-minute virtual escape room in this full-day workshop. Work with other creative folks to push the boundaries of immersive entertainment.

Get started with the help of structured prompts and guidance from escape jam facilitator extraordinaire Jeb Havens. Then get direct feedback and mentor guidance, and continue to iterate as you watch other teams attempt your online escape room.

Plus, you’ll get to play other teams’ rooms and give your feedback.

There will be no pressure to showcase your games, but we think many teams will want to do this, and others will want to play.

You’ll walk away from the experience with:

  • Tons of new ideas for online escape room designs
  • New friends and industry contacts
  • A mind-blowing sense of accomplishment
  • Greater understanding of experience design – what works, what doesn’t, and why!

No experience necessary, open to anyone with an interest in escape rooms, immersive theater, board games, theme parks, DIY, video games, crafting, game shows, storytelling, puzzles, etc…

Still not sold?

Curious what it’s going to be like? Check out this blog recap from a previous real-life escape room jam or the Facebook group!