The Couple Trap [Escaping Tip]

Don’t fall for the couple trap.

What is the couple trap?

The couple trap is when two (or more) members of a team stick to each other like glue for the game hour.

This is most common amongst actual couples, but I’ve seen it with close friends as well.

Why is the couple trap a problem?

People are a finite resource on an escape team. To put it bluntly, at any point in time a person is either contributing to the team; harming the team; or taking up space.

Couple Trap

When two people fall into the couple trap, one of them is usually leading, while the other is along for the ride. One personย is trying to solve the puzzle while feeling worried that their partner is either not having fun, or is being viewed by the rest of their team as ineffective. The other person is worried that they are being judged. As a result, neither is being as effective as they could be if they both took a step in opposite directions, and looked at different problems.

When the couple trap isn’t a problem?

If two people move around as a unit and they kick ass while doing it… Then ignore everything that I just said.

That being said, I haven’t seen surgically attached players work well together.

How do I avoid the couple trap?

Solving a room is just as much about individual experimentation as it is communication with the larger group.

Trust your partner to work on their own.

Trust yourself; you have something valuable to contribute.

Trust that your partner is having fun.

Go have fun.

Focus on the game, not the person you came with. There will be plenty of time to recap the experience over drinks.

The couple trap is one specific trap to avoid. For more tips, check out our Player Tips section.

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