Southern California Room Escapes

The more I read about The Exit Game in Los Angeles, and The Puzzalarium in San Diego, the more I’m itching to go to Southern California.

It appears the the movie industry has a big influence on both companies, and they represents two things that I want to see more of in the Room Escape world; stronger sets and theming and local influence.

Stronger Sets & Theming

The set design, theming, and internal logic of a game matters. As more room escapes emerge, this is going to become a make or break challenge for room designers.

The ugly, repetitious, and less interesting games will fade away fast.

Local Influence

The more room escape game designers can draw upon the local history, architecture, industry, and character, the better.

I love that Chicago’s D.O.A. Room Escape has themed a game on the serial killer H.H. Holmes; the mass murderer who operated in 1890’s Chicago.

The apparent uniqueness of these games have bumped both regions up on my travel list.


  1. You’ve got to go. Exit Game is the first escape room we did and remains our favorite ever, even after doing them in several states and metro areas. My favorite themed game ever was The Lab, but The Vault also has theming way beyond the competitors. Make the trip!

    1. We just completed a ton of games in Los Angeles, and will be posting the reviews over the coming weeks. We didn’t make it to Exit Games, but maybe we’ll squeeze them in on our next trip in the fall.

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