X-Room NYC – The Forest Cabin [Review]

Location: New York, New York

Date played: February 14, 2015

Price: $28 per ticket


“It was a nice sunny day, and you decided to go hiking with your friends in the forest. However, the mist came out of nowhere, and you were the last person on your team because you could not see anything. Then, you just got lost! You were terrified and did not know where to go. Suddenly, you saw some bright light through the mist, so you followed its path and finally found a cabin in the forest! You thought you could finally get some help. Once you arrived outside the cabin, you sensed something fishy because the door was unlocked. There was no one inside. You finally knew what was wrong. It was too quiet.

“Boom!” The door was shut, and you could not get it to open! Now, you need to find a way to get out of this cabin and find your friends. Otherwise, you may get lost in the cabin forever!”

A starter room

X-Rooms is the latest escape games company to open their doors in New York City and The Forest Cabin is the first game of theirs that we attempted. It’s also their easiest room (rated 3 stars out of 6).

If you’re new to real life room escapes, or have children that you’d like to ease into escape games, then this is the room for you.

This is a room that takes its “easiest room in the building” status seriously.

Not devoid of challenge

That’s not to say that this room is devoid of challenge; there are a few solid twists in this room.

There was just enough of a challenge to this room that I didn’t leave feeling unfulfilled (but it was close).

Experienced players

This is a 60 minute game that took us 27 minutes… I screwed up something really simple. If I hadn’t I think we could have been out of there 5 – 10 minutes earlier (the record on this room is 23 minutes).

x-rooms forrest cabin room escape artist

The point is that if you’re experienced this game is the batting cage of escape games. It’s built well, and you’re going to hone some skills, but there isn’t really an opponent to play.

Should I play X-Rooms’ The Forest Cabin?

If you’re new to escape games, or want to bring your children to an escape game, then this is a great room. The “Cabin in the Woods” scenario is a fun setup. It’s sturdy, straightforward, and everything in it works well.

The game gives me hope for the other games offered by X-Rooms.

Book your hour with X-Rooms, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

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  1. We played all of X-Room’s games over Valentine’s Day weekend, except for the one that was closed for renovations. I found that Cabin in the Woods was their best game, unfortunately. As I read this, I was thinking that you captured our same experience, perfectly. We got out in 25 minutes (again, just shy of that record!), and I’m wondering if your mention of a screw up was the same screw up we faced! In another X-room, the puzzle distribution was strained so the game flow suffered. In another, the flow was fine, but some puzzles were really muddy. In another, we were victims of a rushed and error-filled room setup plus broken equipment that prevented one of the more interesting puzzles from even getting off the ground 🙁 I hope they improve as they turn over these rooms!

    We were actually chatting about your blog with Derek, at Mission Escape, and he seemed to think we would be great kindred spirits! 🙂 My boyfriend and I are in NC, and we’ve traveled around the country quite a bit just for room escapes. We’ve done over 30 rooms, with a 75% personal escape rate. I am so excited to see someone capturing the room escape US-side explosion! Keep up the great reviews 😀

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