Experiencing Escape Games at their Best

We are players first

As much as we enjoy giving room escapes constructive criticism, we prefer playing the rooms. Our passion for playing these games started this blog.

As players, we only get to play each room once. It may be selfish, but we want to play the best experiences each company can offer. We don’t want to visit a room until the designers think it’s ready to stand up to review.


Reviews Posts

Reviews are primarily for other players. In reviews, we can’t speak to many design elements because we’ll spoil the experiences for future players. But reviews enable players to make more informed decisions about the money and time they devote to escape games.

Constructive criticism

We advocate for improved room design and better business practices because each company’s individual improvements move the entire industry forward. We want companies to raise the standard for their creations. To that end, we love providing constructive criticism directly to the escape room designers.

Improving the industry’s best

When a room is ready for review, we’re happy to speak to the designer independently of the review. But that’s in addition to the review. We love talking to designers about the games, hearing their insights, and sharing our feedback in the uncensored environment of a local bar, restaurant, or café.

These discussions enable more players to experience awesomeness.

So… with all of that in mind, we won’t be accepting any offers to beta test new rooms.

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