Escape from the Bedroom [Review]

In the spirit of David’s Escape From the Balcony

This is my real life escape story:

The semester I studied in France, I spent my fall break visiting a friend in Oviedo, a city in Northern Spain. After 10 hours on a train, I arrived extremely exhausted.

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When my friend woke up early to get to class, she neglected to inform me that shutting the bedroom door would lock me in the bedroom. She left me asleep in her bedroom. When I woke up, I did what any normal person does in someone else’s home; I shut the bedroom door while getting dressed.

And then I was stuck in the bedroom. And its adjacent balcony.

My plan to take a morning stroll through Oviedo seemed doomed.

I attempted to climb on the balcony railing and reach the kitchen window on the adjacent wall. I could just barely reach it without falling off the railing and it was locked.

That’s when a woman stepped onto the balcony above me to hang her laundry. In my non-existent Spanish, using pantomime and the word “puerta” (how did I even know that word?), I managed to explain the situation. She disappeared.

She returned with a knife. Momentarily, I was shocked. Then I climbed up on the balcony railing yet again, took the knife she held out to me, and used it to pop open the bedroom door.

I returned the knife and headed out to explore the city, exiting the building through the front puerta.

Should I play Escape from the Bedroom?


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