New Feature – Room Basics

Twice in one week, readers requested that we post information about the location of a game early in our review.

It is a great request and we’re always looking to improve our work. Now every review will include the basic information that we feel will help our readers decide whether or not to play a specific game.

Because we have kept good records, we’ve gone back and retroactively added this information to our old reviews as well.

Basic Information

Location: [city], [state] and [country (if it’s outside of the USA)]

Date played: [month] [day], [year]

Team size: [minimum] – [maximum]; we recommend [minimum] – [maximum]

Price: $[price] per ticket

Why this structure?

Location is the information that folks requested. It helps narrow down whether you can even get to the game.

Date played helps you judge how fresh our review is. Some of these games change and others don’t, but at least you know when we played the game.

Team size is tricky. Rooms have minimums and maximums for bookings. We’re also adding our own team size recommendations because it’s no fun being in an overcrowded room.

Price can be a make or break thing, especially as the prices of room escapes begin to stratify. Some companies make pricing really difficult to understand, so we may link to their site if the answer is, “it’s complicated.”

We’re not taking full credit for this format

Our new friends from Australia, Escape Room Hunters (which no longer exists as of 2019), offer a similar section. We found their approach elegant, so we put our own spin on it.

Keep making requests

We’re constantly iterating on Room Escape Artist, so please continue to request features. There’s no promise that we’ll act on all of them, but we’re a generally responsive duo.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thank you so much for adding this information! It really helps us know right away all of the important stuff right away. Great job!

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