Speedrunning A Room Escape

Speedrun \spēd-ˈrən\ – To attempt an activity with deliberate intent to complete the endeavor’s goals as quickly as possible.

Why speedrun?

Over the past year, we’ve met an ever-increasing volume of folks who love room escapes as much as we do. (If you’re one of them and haven’t said “hi” please do! [Contact, Twitter, Facebook])

One of the trends that we’re finding among experienced room escapers is a desire to achieve records, or a generally fast time, since not all companies keep score.

After refusing to take hints, speedrunning is likely the most popular method of adding challenge… Because it’s fun to prove superiority.

Why don’t we speedrun?

Team Room Escape Artist has never deliberately attempted a speedrun. We go in knowing that we have a review to write at the end, so we like to take our time and soak in the experience.

We have set more than a few records, and logged many a fast time, but it hasn’t been on purpose. If you play enough of these, you learn a trick or two.

Room Escape Speedrun

Picking a room to speedrun

Speedrunning can add an element of recklessness to a room escape attempt.

If we were going to attempt a speedrun, we would do so on an easier game. There is no sense in trying to speedrun a room that you may not get out of.

Try to speedrun rooms that you are confident you’ll win. If it’s a sub-10-percent escape rate room, you should probably check your ego at the door.

Should you attempt a speedrun?

If you:

  • have a regular team you play with
  • work well as a team
  • rarely take hints
  • don’t mind paying full price for a shorter experience
  • are looking for a new dynamic to spice up your room escaping

Then speedrunning is your next logical challenge. Godspeed.

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