“The Room Escape Artist Sent Me” Post-Game Sign

The Room Escape Artist sent Noam and Clara to Komnata Quest’s Saint Angelo’s Castle and they wanted everyone to know.


The Room Escape Artist Sent Me

Noam and Clara are from the Brooklyn-based Mega Game Society, whose version of Watch The Skies blew us away last year. Now they’ve blown us away again by sending us this surprise post-game photo.

As you can see from their sign, it was the Room Escape Artist’s Golden Lock-In award that sent them to this game.

But whichever review sends you, we’d love to know. If you don’t want to make your own sign, we’ve made one for you.

Download it …

REA Golden Lock-In

“The Room Escape Artist Sent Me” PDF Download

… and tell us that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Please send us your post-game photos.

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