Trapped PHL – The Attic [Review]

A really pleasurable experience… I wouldn’t have minded if it sustained a little bit longer.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Date played: February 6, 2016

Team size: 1-4; we recommend 2-3

Price: $19 per ticket

Trapped PHL logo.

Theme & story

Designed by longtime veterans of the haunted house industry, The Attic doesn’t have a story, just a strong theme. We needed to escape from a creepy, old attic.

It was creepy, not scary.

The Attic was packed with the type of stuff – chests, toys, games, assorted junk – that you would expect to find in an attic.

The cobwebs were an artistic touch that really gave The Attic that authentic “forgotten storage space” feel.


Ever try to find something in your grandmother’s dark attic? That was how this game derived its difficulty.

It was a small space, but it had a lot going on.

Some scavenging escape rooms can quickly become tedious, but due to its small size, and consistent theming, this scavenging was fun.

Short and sweet

The Attic was a 30 minutes game. It was quick.

This game was entirely linear. Each puzzle flowed right into the next and the flow worked well.

Should I play Trapped PHL’s The Attic?

The Trapped PHL facility offers miniature golf and arcade games as well as room escapes. If you like those activities and are shy about giving room escapes a try, The Attic is a great opportunity to get your feet wet.

The setting was dark and a little bit creepy, but it was certainly not horror (and trust me, I’m not a horror person). The fearful can play.

The Attic would be a great game for two people to enjoy together. If you’re an experienced player, it would also be a fun game to try on your own, if you are interested in giving that a try. (We know a guy who rocked this game solo.)

The game is priced at two-thirds that of Trapped PHL’s other game, The Factory, and it runs for half the time. The price felt steep, but maybe that’s because we escaped in far less than the allotted 30 minutes.

Room Escape Artist & Escape Clues The Attic
Another wonderful teamup with

I probably wouldn’t trek to Trapped PHL just for The Attic, but it’s a fun addition to everything else they offer.

If you’re already there, you should play The Attic. It’s a short, but strong game. You should also squeeze in some putt-putt and arcade games. Trapped PHL has a lot to offer.

Book your game with Trapped PHL’s The Attic, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: Trapped PHL charged us half price for this game.

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