Komnata Quest – 7 sinful pleasures [Review]

Be open minded… and don’t forget your safeword.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Date played: March 6, 2016

Team size: 3-5; we recommend 3-4

Price: $28 per ticket

Theme & story

We were agents dispatched to investigate a house of ill repute.

Literally everything was sex-and-kink themed. Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about a cutesy sex-themed game, Komnata Quest was not fucking around.

Komnata Quest - 7 sinful pleasures - chained up

Sensors & senses

7 sinful pleasures had an exotic, erotic, and exciting variety of puzzles, props, and decor.

There were many objects that I never expected to handle in an escape room.

There were many sights that I never expected to see in an escape room.

There were more than a few sounds that I never expected to hear in an escape room.

In typical Komnata Quest fashion, these objects were used in a variety of physical and sensor-driven puzzles… some of them were hilarious.

Fussy interface

Komnata Quest consistently features sensor-driven puzzles. Sometimes these sensors don’t trigger as they’re supposed to. That happened rather irritatingly in 7 sinful pleasures.

One particular puzzle was hilariously fun, and we knew what to do, but getting the thing to trigger required a lot of repetitious attempts. This soured an otherwise wonderful puzzle.

Loose lock

One critical lock was showing some serious signs of wear. The combination lock’s disks were incredibly loose, which, when paired with the darkness of the room, made manipulating the lock far more challenging than it should have been.

These things should be tight.

Photo of 4 handcuffs hanging from a wall, some are fuzzy.

Lost in translation

We could frequently tell when puzzles had been translated from Russian to English. In one instance, a program had been mostly translated into English, but some small pieces of it were in the Cyrillic alphabet.

There was also a video featuring an attractive woman whose voice was dubbed in English. If I’m being honest, I didn’t notice her lips, but some of the other players were put off by her lips and words being out of sync.

Should I play Komnata Quest’s 7 sinful pleasures?

It’s difficult to do 7 sinful pleasures justice without spoilers.

It’s fun. It’s funny. It’s unusual. It’s strangely sexy. It’s unapologetically kinky. And it’s decidedly family unfriendly.

More than for most escape rooms, you’re going to want to choose your team carefully. Leave the prudes at home… but you might also want to consider leaving your less mature friends off of the game invite. 7 sinful pleasures is the kind of game where one player could make the game very uncomfortable very quickly.

If you’re not turned off by the sexual theme of the game and you’re over the age of 18, then 7 sinful pleasures is a must play.

Choose your partners carefully, and practice safe escaping.

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