Inexpensively Book A Private Escape Game

Private escape rooms are a generally better experiences than games with random teammates.

The trouble is that you often have to buy out the whole room to attain a private game, and that can get expensive.

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Don’t try weekends

Escape rooms make most of their money Friday through Sunday (and holidays).

Most companies are reluctant to block off rooms for private games on the weekends because by doing so, they lose money.

If you want to play a private game on a weekend, buy up all of the tickets to that game and bring your own people.

Early in the week

If you want a private game on the cheap, book early in the week. This tip is courtesy of the owners of Mission Escape Games.

Escape rooms rarely sell out on Mondays and Tuesdays. Thus, owners will be much more willing to block off a private game on these nights. Even if they aren’t willing to block off the time for you, it’s far less likely that random other players will book in your time slot.

Keep in mind that there are some escape rooms that aren’t open early in the week because it’s a dead time, so this trick won’t work everywhere. However, it is generally effective in major metropolitan areas.


It’s worth noting that if you’re from outside of the United States, this post may be bewildering to you. It’s my understanding that in most countries, all escape rooms are private and you’re never paired with strangers.


  1. In your future reviews, it would be helpful to point out if the escape room has any established provisions for booking a private room without the need to buy out the entire room.

    For example:

    Adventure Rooms are private anytime with a 2 player minimum.

    Last Minute Escape in Montclair/Wayne/Morristown NJ (formerly Exit Strategy) honors requests for a private room during the week with a 4 ticket minimum.

    I only desire to play in private games so have been looking for more companies like the above two or buying out rooms on Groupon or Living Social. However, the fine print in some of these deals have been written to disallow redemption for private games.

    1. This is a great suggestion!

      We’ll put some thought into how we’ll execute on it, but we absolutely will figure out how to fold it in effectively.

      Thank you so much.

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