Room Escapes Need Climactic Moments

Every room escape needs a moment that grabs each player’s full attention, fills them with awe, and leaves them feeling like they’ve just experienced something truly special.

Captures attention

This moment disrupts every player from their task.

It should be impossible for this happening to go unnoticed.

Forwards the plot

This moment is the climax of the story that the room tells. It’s a moment near the end of the journey, but it isn’t the conclusion of the game. It creates the story and the story necessitates it.

Placing this moment too early will make the other puzzles and moments fizzle… “Oh that was cool, but the thing we just did was way cooler.”


If players expect the climactic moment, its drama is diminished. This moment is unexpected. However, it is absolutely relevant and completely unmissable.


This moment will stay with players after they leave the game.

They won’t remember what number opened a specific lock. They won’t even remember how they solved the puzzle that derived that number.

As time passes, your players will forget nearly everything about your room, expect for that one staggeringly incredible moment.

The climactic moment is a moment that the players can’t forget.


The climactic moment markets itself. It is the reason players recommend the game to their friends. It is so extraordinary and exciting that they need their friends and family to experience it, just so that they can talk about it.

A bronze sculpture built into a sidewalk of an alligator wearing a suit emerging from a NYC manhole and eating a person. It's strangely cute.
Be surprising. Be dramatic.

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