Escape Room Melbourne – Kellar’s Magic Emporium [Review]

Unexpected tricks.

Location: Melbourne Australia

Date played: March 29, 2016

Team size: 2-5; we recommend 3-4

Price: varies depending on team size; approximately 32-35 AUD per ticket.


Escape Room Melbourne was built into an active garage/ warehouse. The games were built into this rustic, eclectic, workshop-y locale.


In keeping with the aesthetic, we entered the eclectic (but not cluttered) magic shop of a world-renowned magician.

A dimly lit room with a poster featuring the magician Keller's "Self Decapitation." In the foreground is an aged open book.

This magician, Kellar, was making a comeback tour and looking for new assistants. If we passed his tests, we would get to tour with him. But as the tests got underway, we realized this challenge wasn’t as it had first appeared. We shouldn’t have expected anything less from a magician.

Puzzle Flow

Kellar’s Magic Emporium was a linear game.

Thus, it was better not to scavenge too heavily. From the beginning, the game set us on a reasonably clear path.

The puzzles encompassed a variety of skill sets. They wound their way through an eccentric assortment of older objects as well as triggered technological features.


Keller’s Magic Emporium relied on its fair share of combination locks. A few of these needed to be replaced.

The game also included some well-worn, older objects that were showing their years. Some were in dire shape.

Story escalation

Kellar’s Magic Emporium told the story of the magician. As the game progressed, the story became increasingly intense and personal.

This intensity might frighten some players, depending on their disposition. The game escalated from its early magic-shop vibe into something more dramatic.


In one particularly amusing instance, we found ourselves at a complete loss due to a discrepancy between American English and Australian English. Our attentive gamemaster, Kathryn, translated over the walkie-talkie hint system.

Escape Room Melbourne was designed to be won. Players were meant to experience the entire story of this magician and figure out how they fit into his magic escapades. We didn’t struggle, but the gamemaster would have been there to push us forward had we needed it.

Instead, she offered wonderful recommendations for our upcoming drive along the Great Ocean Road.

Lisa and David in front of a massive arch created by errosion along Australia's Southern coast.
Welcome to The Deep Deep South.

Should I play Escape Room Melbourne’s Kellar’s Magic Emporium?

Kellar’s Magic Emporium took us through an intense, personal, and exciting magical mystery. We thoroughly enjoyed experiencing this story.

At times this game might be a bit much for young children or particularly sensitive players. But those caveats aside, Kellar’s Magic Emporium is a must play.

The staff work hard to give the players the best experience for them.

Book your hour with Escape Room Melbourne’s Kellar’s Magic Emporium, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: Escape Room Melbourne provided media discounted tickets for this game.


  1. We are going to Australia in July. Hopefully you will experience some rooms in the areas we are going. So we can have recommended companies. Sydney, Queensland, also Auckland, New Zealand .

    Looking forward to more game reviews😃 What a way to write off travel expenses. We should do that, too

    1. We played four escape rooms while in Australia. We have three more reviews comings, and truly hope to get back there sooner than later.

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