PANiQ ROOM Sydney – SEN3ES [Review]

Senses: They get touchy feely.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Date played: April 5, 2016

Team size: 2-6; we recommend 3-4

Price:  varies depending on team size; approximately 30-40 AUD per ticket.

Setting, theme, and story

We enjoyed Senses’ distinctive aesthetic. 

The setting was magic-themed. According to the Paniq website, we were in the house of a famous magician, searching for his secrets. When the doors closed behind us, we would need to use our senses to escape.

The game didn’t tell a story. Rather, the magical theme was the pretense for an environment of heightened and diminished senses.

That is the crux of this game.

Attention to detail

Not surprisingly, this game rewarded attention to detail.

Senses required us to search carefully, in different ways at different times.

Team victory photo at Paniq Room. Features David, Lisa, and Devin from left to right.


…was not included, in order to keep the game hygienic. Taste aside, throughout the game, we relied heavily on each of our different senses.

When the game required specific senses, others were deliberately diminished. This could give some players a fright, but it was definitely not a horror environment.

Should I play PANiQ ROOM Sydney’s SEN3ES?

Escape rooms frequently toy with our senses to create challenge and puzzle variety. This game leaned into that. The result was interesting and fun.

Senses didn’t convey a story, but the theme and setting contributed to that deliberate manipulation and the overall experience.

Though not particularly spectacular or dramatic, this game was a lot of fun.

Book your hour with PANiQ ROOM Sydney’s SEN3ES, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: PANiQ ROOM Sydney provided media discounted tickets for this game.

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