Our First Puzzled Pint

The New York City Puzzled Pint migrated across the East River out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan, so we finally went to one… because Brooklyn was literally a bridge too far.

What’s a Puzzle Pint?

Puzzled Pint is a free puzzle event on the second Tuesday of every month in ~35 cities across the English-speaking world (and Vienna, Austria).

The puzzles are community-created and they are posted online, so if you aren’t near a Puzzled Pint, you can still participate.

To learn the precise location of the bar hosting your local Puzzled Pint, you usually have to solve a location puzzle that is posted on the website the Friday before the gathering. In most cities, the location changes each month.

A photo of hands working on solving a puzzle on a bar table. The puzzle is surrounded by beer glasses and plates of food.
The guiding hand of Brett Kuehner, our friend and guide into the wider world of puzzling.

Not a room escape

Over the past two years, we’ve been wading deeper into the puzzle world; it’s a great time.

Puzzled Pints are decidedly not escape rooms.

At the Puzzled Pint we visited, all puzzles were paper-based (we needed to bring pencils, scissors, and tape). There was no environment (other than the bar). We were timed, but there was no winning or losing. (Note: the events are timed, so you can be competitive if that’s your thing).

A coaster that reads, "Guiness: Competiton on the field. Friendship in the pub." rests in front of a variety of paper puzzles.

This is a pure puzzle event for people who like to solve puzzles.

We had a blast

This isn’t a review, but it’s safe to say, we’ll be back as often as we’re available (so long as they stay in Manhattan).

If you’re the puzzle type, absolutely check out Puzzled Pint. It’s free. It’s fun. And if you cannot attend the events, they are freely available over the internet… along with all of the Puzzled Pint puzzles dating back to July 2010.


A flock of 7 origami birds.
When all was said and done, Lisa folded a flock from our puzzle pieces.

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