Room Escape Artist at PAX West

We will be moderating a panel on room escapes at the video and tabletop gaming mega con, PAX West (formerly known at PAX Prime) in Seattle, Washington.

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Organized by Puzzle Break’s Nate Martin, we’ll be facilitating a discussion between Nate, Edwin Tsui of The Locked Room, and Debra and Alex Beardsley of It’s A Trap!

The panel is titled The Escape Room Revolution: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow and it will be held at the Sphinx Theatre on Saturday, September 3, 2016, from 2:30 – 3:30 PM.

Escape rooms are taking the world of entertainment by storm. How did we get here? How has the evolution of live-action escape room experience design mirrored that of their video game forefathers? How has it diverged? What are the hottest trends in various parts of the world, what’s next, and how will it shape the future of immersive entertainment? Join industry pioneers and experts in a discussion about the inescapably thrilling past, present, and future of the live-action escape room.

Nate Martin [Co-Founder and CEO, Puzzle Break]
Debra Beardsley [Co-Owner, It’s A Trap!]
Alex Beardsley [Co-Owner, It’s A Trap!]
Edwin Tsui [General Manager, The Locked Room]
Lisa Spira [Co-Founder, Room Escape Artist]
David Spira [Co-Founder, Room Escape Artist]

My 10 year-old self’s mind would be totally blown by this.


  1. Awesome! I hope you both can hang out with Julie and I while you are here in our home town! We would LOVE to hit a local escape room with you while you are here!

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