No Proscenium Podcast Appearance: a Conversation about Paradiso

No Proscenium is a guide to immersive entertainment, serving LA, NYC, SF, Chicago, and the West Coast.

The newsletter subscribers regularly receive a curated list of immersive shows broken out by region.

We’ve been subscribers of the No Proscenium newsletter for a while now and they’ve directed us to some pretty awesome entertainment.

Logo reads,


They also have a podcast that gets more into the weeds about the immersive events that they cover.

On Episode 073 of the No Proscenium podcast, we talk with host Zay Amsbury about room escapes. In particular, we talk about Paradiso.

Paradiso deliberately tried to bridge the gap between theater and escape room. Was it successful? Zay knows immersive theater and we know room escapes. Listen to our conversation.

Spoiler warning

Zay gives you ample warning to stop listening before we spoil Paradiso. But know that halfway through this conversation, we talk candidly about specific moments in the show, spoilers and all. This is the most spoiler-laden public escape room conversation we’ve ever had. Anyway, here is your extra warning.


Hear our conversation and sign up to check out their offerings.

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