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We met the folks from Ironmark Games about a year ago when we played and reviewed their first megagame, Contact Light.

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This fall we reconnected in a different format: the podcast.

In the Excitement & Escape Rooms episode of Ironmark Games’ podcast Boards & Bytes, we chat with hosts Stefan Slava Cruz and Elise Silvester about escape rooms.

A quick overview

Our conversation about game flow and our experiences as players winds through Puzzle Break’s The Grimm Escape, Komnata Quest’s Boxed Up, and Get the F Out’s The Virus.

Halfway through the conversation, we focus in on special genre of escape rooms, the ones that come in a box for at-home play. We tell you a bit more about Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment, Think Fun’s Mystery at Stargazer’s Manor, and Heist Escape Party’s Grand Theft Antimatter.

And we teased Holiday Buyer’s Guide, although it published before the podcast published.

Upcoming Ironmark megagame

Or skip the podcast and check out Ironmark’s newest American Revolution-themed megagame, The World Turned Upside Down.

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