MindQuest Escape Games – The Haunting [Review]

[At the time of this review, MindQuest Escape Games was called MindQuest Live.]

“I have exorcised the demons! This house is clear.” – Ace Ventura

Location: Orlando, FL

Date played: November 14, 2016

Team size: 2-8; we recommend 3-5

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $26 per ticket to an open ticketed game, $28 per ticket to a private game

Story & setting

In MindQuest Live’s The Haunting we entered the Worthington Mansion. We had to prove that the site was, in fact, haunted (Surprise! It was.), and then cleanse the building of the paranormal activity.

The Worthington Mansion wasn’t an inherently exciting set; it was a living space. However, it was well constructed, polished, and set the tone for the game. It was rather dark, a foreboding indication of the haunted mystery to unravel.

Haunting game teaser shows a framed photo of a pretty women. The glass of the frame is shattered and it looks like something is hiding in the gap between the glass shards.
Image via MindQuest Live.


The puzzles ranged in quality.

The Haunting included some innovative puzzles and interactions that yielded exciting feedback from the set.

At times, weak cluing led us far astray. What seemed most interesting wasn’t always important and seemingly related items didn’t necessarily connect.

Far too many of the puzzles lacked connective tissue, demanding some large leaps of logic.


The Haunting packed plenty of exciting moments. These were interactive and generally technologically triggered.

At its best, The Haunting married both ambiance and interesting puzzling.

The Haunting conveyed a story, through audio, visuals, technology, and the occasional puzzle. The story elevated the experience.


More often, the puzzles were themed, but didn’t carry the story. The Haunting relied heavily on exposition. Without a continually interactive story, some of the team lost that thread, which was important to the full experience.

This room escape was a series of cool moments that weren’t always fully linked together in cluing or story. Had the connections been stronger, there wouldn’t have been enough content for the hour.

One particular puzzle was initially intriguing, but then greatly overstayed its welcome.

Should I play MindQuest Live’s The Haunting?

The Haunting combined ambiance, story, puzzling, and technology. It had all the components of a home run, but it didn’t quite bring them all together. It felt like it was still in beta.

There’s a lot of fun to be had, for both newer and more experienced players. Everyone will puzzle and everyone will be surprised. MindQuest Live made a home into a fun set to experience.

While The Haunting is a bit spooky – it’s in the name of the game – it’s certainly not horror. It’s approachable, except for most young children.

We hope that MindQuest Live will continue to refine this game, adding content, and building the connections that will keep the entire team engaged in the journey through until the end.

Book your hour with MindQuest Live’s The Haunting, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: MindQuest Live provided media discounted tickets for this game.


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  1. What a well written review A room with good ambiance and good to moderate everything else will tempt me more often than a room with great puzzles when the ambiance is only meh. Thank you for this thoughtful recount of your experience.

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