New York, NY: Room Escape Recommendations

Latest update: January 13, 2018

This list will be updated regularly.

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We know that a lot of folks are looking for the “best” escape rooms to play. While we think that best is relative, we also realize that people want firm recommendations.

Here are our recommendations for games in New York City (or accessible with a MetroCard). Since we like nuance, they are broken out into categories.

Stylized nighttime image of the Metlife Building in Midtown Manhattan.

The unusuals

These games each offer something truly different. If you’ve come to NYC for games you won’t find anywhere else, try these. You might not fall in love with these games, but you’ll immediately realize that they aren’t like most others and they make a statement:

Tech heavy

NYC’s most technologically interesting games:

Beginner friendly

To help your friends catch the room escape bug, you want a game that looks good and feels safe and approachable:

Big group games

There are plenty of room escapes that allow 10 or 12 players, but these are actually designed for that many:

Small team, private booking companies

Escape rooms in NYC mostly offers ticketed games, but these companies default to private bookings without strangers:

Set & scenery-driven adventures

Want to feel like you’re in another world? Check out these games with great environments:


You’ve come for puzzles? Test your might against these escape rooms:

Spooky & scary

If you think fear is fun, these are the games for you:

Corporate-friendly and family-friendly companies

Mandatory fun has never been so great. These companies have clean, well-run, easily accessible facilities and games that won’t result in a conversation with HR:

Games with actors

Live actors can bring an intensity, uncertainty, and excitement to a room escape experience:

Immersive games and performances

New York City always has incredible immersive experiences running. For a detailed listing of what’s currently available, check out our friends over at No Proscenium and subscribe to their New York City newsletter. While we don’t review them all, these are a few that we love:

You have a car and want to see something special

If you can get there, it’s so worth it:

You are always welcome to email us if this recommendation list doesn’t answer your specific questions.

9 thoughts on “New York, NY: Room Escape Recommendations

    1. Everyone loves a different game for different reasons.

      Our goal continues to be helping people find the right games for their groups. This was the most reasonable method we could come up with.

  1. Thank you so much for putting this list together — it is so helpful and there are many rooms here I’d love to check out. I’m a big horror fan and would love to check out the rooms you recommended for that genre, but for an upcoming gathering I’ll have a group of 7 and we won’t fit in the rooms you listed. Could you please recommend any horror rooms in NYC that can accommodate 7 players?

    I do realize Sanatorium by I survived the room accommodates up to 8 players, but you recommended no more than 4 players for that room. Is there another horror-themed room in NYC that’s more suitable?

    Many thanks.

    1. You’re welcome! We’re so glad this is helpful.

      We’d recommend that you check out The Sanatorium anyway, even with a group of 7. We think you’d have the optimal experience with 4 people, but you’ll still have a lot of fun with 7. You could also enjoy The Darkest Hour with 7.

      Alternatively, you could head out to Komnata Quest in Brooklyn (note that they have multiple locations) and split into two or even three different rooms there.

  2. Are any of these something that a team of a beginner (my friend) and an experienced escaper (me) could tackle together, or would we really need to go to a beginner room for her to enjoy herself?

    1. The only three rooms on this list that I would discourage beginners from trying are:
      – Sanatorium, I Survived the Room
      – Boxed Up, Komnata Quest
      – Limitless, Komnata Quest

      The rest of them are all doable, especially if you have someone experienced on the team.

      The biggest difference will be that newbies won’t be able to appreciate some of the nuance, and that is just fine.

  3. Are there any games that might be good for a more “experienced” escapee (me) and my friend, who has never done anything like this before? I’d like it not to be too simple for my own sake but also not too crazy for hers.

    1. Any of the games listed under “The Unusuals” are going to offer something a little more interesting for an experienced player. They all do something that is rare, and with the exception of Alien Attack, they’re all playable with 2 players. Two of them are only two player games.

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