December 2016 Puzzle Kickstarter Intrigue

There are a few active Kickstarter campaigns of note for room escape and puzzle-lovers.

Komnata : A Magical Escape Room Experience For Wizards

New York City’s Komnata Quest has launched an already half-funded campaign to produce a Hogwarts-esque (but no, not “Harry Potter”) escape room.

A big red chair beside a small desk with wands and wizarding books.

We’ve had a lot of fun in their games, so we’re pretty hopeful about this one.

If you would buy tickets to this kind of thing, you might want to consider throwing a few dollars their way. The tickets are essentially on sale through the Kickstarter.

3D Coloring and Logic Puzzles

It’s exactly what the name says. A New Jersey teacher created a 3D coloring system to teach spacial thinking to school children and these puzzles caught on with the parents too.

A sample of the coloring page and a finished puzzle.

They look like fun for all ages.

Puzzle Book: The Bigger the Campaign, the Bigger the Book

Again, the name is pretty on-the-nose. It’s a puzzle book, looks well designed, and the more backing they get, the more puzzles they will include.

Sample puzzle, looks like its a riff on a pigpen cipher.

Join me in backing it?


  1. Thanks for the shoutout, David! The campaign is going well! This was kind of a “test” for more puzzles on Kickstarter to come in 2017.

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