A Roundtable Discussion from the 2016 Room Escape Conference

At last year’s Room Escape Conference in Chicago, we participated in a impromptu Trapdoor UNLOCKED recording session about operating an escape room. This roundtable discussion covered a ton of ground as we all tried to help Jason Richard of Steal and Escape in San Diego, CA, a company we haven’t played but have heard many great things about.

… Just know that the audio quality wasn’t amazing as this was an unplanned recording in the middle of a bar.

We are looking forward to another gathering of like-minded owners, operators, and enthusiasts this May in Niagara Falls. The conversations – whether scheduled or spontaneous – build community and further the growth of the escape room industry.

If you liked this video, Anthony Purzycki from Trap Door Escape and Trapdoor UNLOCKED speaks about BIG Ideas for the not so Big Budget: Guerilla Marketing on Monday, May 1st at 3:30PM.

Our seminar Goldi-lock-ing Your Escape Room Business… Learn the Difference between Magnificent, Average, and Tragic Escape Room Design takes place on Tuesday, May 2nd at 10AM.

We’re moderating a panel with Louisiana owners on Co-Working, Co-Existing, and THRIVING! on Tuesday, May 2nd at 2:30PM.

Look for us at booth 102 to further the conversation.

Allow your thoughts to escape

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