Time to Escape – Escape from Alcatraz [Review]

Swimming not included.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Date played: April 2, 2017

Team size: up to 10; we recommend 4-6

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $28 per ticket

Story & setting

As Alcatraz inmates in 1962, we found a series of clues left by escaped convict Frank Morris. We had to follow his footsteps to freedom.

The set was the star of the show. Time to Escape built a compelling prison.

In game: A heavily weather concrete wall with a metal door.


Time to Escape worked hard to build the puzzling interactions into the set and props. This worked with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Some puzzles felt like they truly belonged in the narrative; others felt like escape room puzzles that had been bolted onto a prison set.


The set design was outstanding. Time to Escape’s attention to detail was evident in the custom construction, complete with detailed weathering.

In game: A heavily weather concrete wall with a metal door. A light hangs about them.

At their best, the puzzle / set integrations were exciting.


In contrast to the set itself, some of the props felt cheap. While the set felt artfully designed, many of the props deflated the environment. Additionally, there was a significant anachronistic prop that wouldn’t have existed in 1962.

One particular puzzle needed stronger cluing. It seemed rather ambiguous.

In another instance, where order preservation was necessary, a team could mess with the props such they would render a late game puzzle impossible.

Should I play Time to Escape’s Escape from Alcatraz?

If you’re looking for a set-driven adventure, then Escape from Alcatraz is absolutely worth a visit. Time to Escape built a beautiful set and it was fun to play within it.

If you’re looking for an escape room that is rooted in puzzling, you should go in knowing that the puzzling is a little uneven.

Beginners and experienced players alike will be able to find just about equal enjoyment in Escape from Alcatraz, as the room itself is the driving force behind the entertainment.

Book your hour with Time to Escape’s Escape from Alcatraz, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: Time to Escape provided media discounted tickets for this game.


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